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Go anywhere dog bed

The Beast

The Beast

Fused seam waterproof tough bed

Fused Core™

Fused Core™

Orthopedic, weather-proof comfort

Black Lab Exclusive:


Our ultra-tough orthopedic dog bed isn't just a bed—it's a sanctuary of comfort and resilience for pups that are tough on their beds. Crafted with cutting-edge technology and designed for durability, this modern marvel effortlessly blends style with function. It's more than just a bed; it’s The Beast

Strength from Within

Fused Core: The Heart of The Beast

THE BEAST: An unrivaled fusion of eco-conscious durability and unmatched comfort. With a badass cover that surpasses "ballistic" standards and our innovative one-piece orthopedic mattress featuring fused seams, this bed laughs in the face of digging, scratching, accidents, drool, and even extreme elements. It's not just a dog bed; it's a masterpiece of canine comfort and resilience.

  • 100% Waterproof Fused Core™ Mattress
  • Protects from Accidents, Drool, & All Moisture
  • Natural StayFresh™ Antibacterial Protection
  • Tougher Than Nails Diggable Durability™
  • Odor-Fighting Technology
  • Beyond Ballistic™ Recycled Textiles
  • Crate-Friendly

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All-natural StayFresh™️ technology ensures that your gear stays cleaner, smells fresher, and lasts longer.

Black Lab Exclusive:


Compromise Nothing: Made for dogs on the move. Waterproof, antibacterial odor fighting tough fabric with every feature you could imagine on board: Rolls up for portability, built-in handle, adjustable leash/shoulder strap, gear pocket, anchor point tie-downs, non-skid bottom. Now, you're ready... go together.



THE TRAILBLAZER: The eco-tough Trailblazer travel dog bed merges style, comfort, and durability for dogs on the move. Its waterproof fabric cover repels bacteria and odor, and the dual-purpose shoulder strap doubles as an adjustable leash. It's crate-friendly, making it ideal for all your dog's adventures.

  • Natural StayFresh™ Antibacterial, Odor Fighting Technology
  • Waterproof Eco-Tough Recycled Fabric
  • Shoulder Strap Doubles as Adjustable Leash
  • Easily Rolls up for Travel
  • 4 Corner Anchor Point Tie-Downs
  • Built-In Carry Handle
  • Hidden Zipper Pocket
  • Non-Skid Eco-Tough Bottom
  • Recycled Insulation
  • Crate-Friendly

A Cleaner Solution For Pups in Your Bed

Innovating Solutions for Modern Living

We created eco-friendly products with StayFresh™ antibacterial technology, minimizing washing and replacements. Our innovative solutions pave the way for a sustainable future, enhancing everyday products for modern life with our pups.


Dogs Get Dirty. Keep Your Bed Clean.

Sleep with dogs in your bed? More than half of all dogs, 53%, share our beds, which can create some problems. We've developed a cleaner, natural solution.

Our pet-friendly bedding is designed to inhibit bacterial growth, neutralize odors, and stay fresher between washes.

  • All-Natural StayFresh™ Neutralizes Odor
  • Stays Cleaner Between Washes
  • Eliminates 99.9% of bacteria
  • Reduces Laundering Frequency
  • Conserves Water & Energy
  • Prolongs Textile Lifespan
  • 100% Organic Cotton

StayFresh™ Pillows

Pillow Cases

Help reduce acne causing bacteria and odors

StayFresh™ Bedding

Bedding Set

Naturally fights bacteria and odor

StayFresh™ Sheet Set


Cleaner bedding between washes


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Modern Sunflower

Be Loyal.

We've chosen the modern sunflower as our eco-friendly icon . It symbolizes both natural beauty and unwavering loyalty. Just as a sunflower is dedicated to following the sun, we're dedicated to the guardianship of our pups and the enduring loyalty we share.